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July 07, 2005




Your postings are splashed with humor, intended or not.
1. Your statement, "Blessing a physics result in CDF is a long, tedious process.", evokes a vision of a Cardinal tossing holy water over some poor wretched soul, while casting a discerning eye over the entire presentation. What do you mean by the word: blessing?
2. The size of a standard barn used to take up space covering a good corner of an acre. Talk about compression!

Adios, Fred


Hi Fred,
sure, it's hilarious to use the term "blessing"... Always thought so. But my collaboration gave a real new meaning to the word, and it is by now used without alluding at cardinals and holy water - although we do have sort of "cardinals" in our collaboration, as well as sanctified datasets.

As for the barn, the name does come from the real barn. The thing is, in a subnuclear process a barn is a huge cross section! So, "as big as a barn" retains its meaning even when you compress the thing by about a ten-thousandth of a trillionth.

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