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September 14, 2005



Well done Mia!!! :-)
I still have my first talk in English in like 2 weeks. *runs away scared*

Gina LePar

Congratulations Mia..I was thinking of you this morning and hoping your presentation went well!! However in defense of Mia and sleeping the night before a presentation...it would be alot easier for a student to do if her professor had not had guests late the night before!!! :) It was great to see you Tommaso and wonderful to meet your students. The food was great. Talk to you soon! Love,Gina

little miss demosthenes

oh good god mia... don't do that...

i pulled an allnighter (doing more trivial work though, just a load of homework from civitas) before my calc exam, and it was only because of keely, a very endearing classmate of mine, that i even kept myself awake during the actual test (my xanga = http://www.xanga.com/little_miss_demosthenes, last paragraph)

i also got a 33% on it...

sleep is, indeed, the most important thing you can do for yourself before anything big. granted, a 33% on an exam doesn't hurt me in any way shape or form, but that allnighter i pulled offset my whole week...


Hi Demie!

Not been around much lately, have you ?
I'm happy to hear from you anyway. Hope your life is good and hope that your novel is almost finished!



But,as usual you are too apprehensive!!
I'am proud of you.

Alberto - ROVIGO - ITALY

Oh Mia, even wih a few hours slept in the nite, you perform as usual; you're a robo-woman! I really like your plastic pose in the pic. So keep it up & I say thank you for the congratulations. I never thought about winning twice in Venice!

A lot of kisses.

Your friend,

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