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November 30, 2005



Well big deal congratulations :-) You rock!!!


This afternoon I received some complaints about the publication of results of other candidates here, and I decided to remove them. Therefore you find only my result in the list above.

Strictly speaking, there is a law in Italy that forbids the diffusion of "private" information. Exam scores belong to that category.

Also, I cannot deny I understand that those who did not win do not wish their result to be publicized, although getting into this list already means having been selected among 250 candidates by a written test and evaluation of career titles.


congratulations, bravo

riqie arneberg

Only a four point margin? Study harder!


Forza Prodi, Forza la Signora Clinton (tre anni da oggi, spero), Forza Dorigo!

Pietro Vischia

Congratulations!!! Complimenti Tommaso!!!

riqie arneberg

Big deal.......its not rocket science after all.................lol

Gordon Watts

Hey -- congradulations! I never realized how tough it was to get a position until I spent 2 months in France this summer. I don't think I'd have made it through some of the things you guys have to do (I crack under that kind of stress).

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