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November 18, 2005



Hey T. Ever thought about what would happen if one of the examiner reads your blog? With all the: I don't mant to win, but I wouldn't mind being good. in it.

Tommaso Dorigo

Well, Helge, total disclosure is the aim of a blog.
Anyway I know the three examiners pretty well, and they would not be surprised to read what I wrote.
Moreover, being honest always pays off IMO.



"Moreover, being honest always pays off IMO"

Yes, that is how Signor Berlusconi became so rich.


... Of course I was not talking about money Triestino! :)


tomorrow is day day 7 already. the protected space requirement for the higgs-boson search has been completed. probity and confiscation of property are two sides of the same coin. my bit finder would have served its purpose on the overall safety of your endeavors. best wishes. (ces-195)

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