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December 12, 2005


T. Riestino

Nice, very nice.
So what's it like actually *living* in Venice? I mean, do you say, "let's all take a stroll to Piazza San Marco"? It just seems very surreal to me that someone can actually be lucky enough actually to *live* in Venice!

tommaso dorigo

I must confess I do not set foot on Piazza San Marco since a couple years ago.

For me, living in Venice has little meaning, since on daylight hours I am in Padova, where I work, and then I am confined within the walls of my home. During weekends I go to the mountains as often as I can....

But Venice is indeed nice. Very damp, but in the few clear days it's a pleasure to stroll around. I also like the foggy nights of winter time, but unfortunately we've had very few of those this fall.

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