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December 28, 2005


riqie arneberg

I will miss reading your blog. It is the third thing I check each day, following my two email accounts.All the best in your new position. Hope to play bridge again soon.

Diane Greenberg

I discovered your blog late in the year, and I got hooked! I like your forthright style. "Drunk for a week long" is not what I would expect from a respected physicist and family man, but your honesty about your life is what makes you so human and likeable. That, and your sense of humor and joie de vivre, which is so infectious! Thanks, Tommaso, for sharing your very interesting life so well-told for a whole year. If you ever tire of being a physicist, you'd make a darn good writer.

riqie arneberg

I am unable to email you at the address provided by the link on your home page. Please send a brief note so I can capture a valid email address.

alternate e-mail [email protected]

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