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January 30, 2005


Sonia Joshi

Evidence of extreme disturbance in Earth抯 core ?can earth explode?

Feb. 24, 2005

Geologists in India and the rest of the world are receiving signals of a very disturbed mantel and core of the earth. According to some computer models, the outer core and the mantel is getting extremely heated. This can cause extreme tension on the earth抯 crust and the tectonic plates.

The net result can be increased earthquakes and volcanoes. The reports coming from every continent says that the volcanoes, geysers and mud volcanoes all are ready to explode.

According to the scientists the mantel viscosity is going down due to increased temperature. The outer core is showing sign molecular agitation. The inner core is also showing strange signs.

According to some contemporary geosciences theories, the Earth's iron core formed with a large share of radioactive uranium, which combined with sulfur to make an ultra-dense compound. The uranium settled to the center of the core, where it eventually formed a mass big enough to sustain a supercritical nuclear reactor. Not just that, but it functions as a breeder reactor, creating more nuclear fuel than it burns. This provides the energy needed to generate the geomagnetic field. That is in essence is the theory geomagnetism and gravity.

If that reactor for some reason is disturbed, it can cause major problems and eventually explode.

But scientists believe the chances of that are very remote though not impossible. There are evidences in our solar system that an extra planet did explode and caused major problems for the Earth and Mars millions of years back.

We can get very little clue on what is happening in the inner core. The mantel is what we can get a feel for. And nothing is possible to investigate without proper data.

Sonia Joshi

Dynamics of an extra-terrestrial UFOs analyzed ?it is not just anti-gravity

Mar. 20, 2005

Engineers involved with flight mechanics and propagation of next generation advanced combat aircrafts finally came to a very interesting conclusion.

Complex computer algorithms allow analyzing extra-terrestrial UFO dynamics. Engineers took the flight patterns, algorithmically interpolated and amplified them to avoid points of 搒tatistical unknowns?and found something very interesting.

The simple common belief that UFOs propagate with anti-gravity lift and 搆nown gyroscopic?principles is not correct. That is what may have misguided country after country as they have tried to mimic UFO propulsion and navigation.

What really induced engineers to develop the computer models is that simple anti-gravity lift and propulsion systems were not taking them anywhere. Soon they realized that anti-gravity is the secondary dynamic force. The computer models were showing that the flight trajectories were too flexible for any gyroscope driven just with anti-gravity lift.

The model brought engineers to look into something called 搃nertia of an ellipsoid? They soon found that the laws of motion and inertia just does not apply to a 揻reely?spinning ellipsoid where gravity can be manipulated and simulated.

In simple language, the extra-terrestrial UFOs can travel freely violating all the laws of inertia in the earth. That provides them the ability to propagate and disappear instantaneously into the cloud of electromagnetic flux.

The computer models are helping analyze these complex model of dynamics. The models now are showing sign of dynamic forces from other unknown dimensions that cause the complex and totally flexible propagation system.

Engineers are slowly realizing how complex these extra-terrestrial UFOs are and how difficult it is to replicate them based on our very limited knowledge of three dimensional or at best four dimensional physics.

Sonia Joshi

Reverse engineering extra-terrestrial deep underwater crafts ?the floating versions of UFOs

Mar. 26, 2005

Oceanographers and Naval engineers are investigating certain phenomena that show evidence of the presence of extra-terrestrial deep underwater crafts ?the floating versions of UFOs. These crafts are capable of sharp and efficient maneuvering, has the implacable stealth to avoid detection, can hover in the deepest parts of the oceans and are capable of going deep into the tectonic plate levels under the ocean.

The scientists and engineers are finding solid evidences that these crafts are present in many numbers under our oceans though undetected and invisible in regular human eyes. An electromagnetic flux also surrounds them and Sharks, Dolphins as well as Whales avoid these zones due to interference in their own electromagnetic sensors.

There are not many sightings of these crafts as very few people really dive into the depths of the ocean, which is really unexplored. A computer model has recently reveled the possible propulsion systems. The same anti-gravity principles apply though the model becomes much more complex due to buoyancy and other aquatic issues.

Some divers in different parts of the world have reported sightings of strange underwater objects that propagate on its own but there is no real evidence that these are really extra-terrestrial crafts.

Some believe, there are countries who have the knowledge of these crafts and are trying to reverse engineer their next generation submarines and under water crafts from these.

The biggest problem of reverse engineering these under watercrafts is their stealth. As such deep underwater part of the oceans is seldom explored. The super stealth around these vehicles makes them further difficult for detection.

According some UFO researchers, these extra-terrestrial crafts are busy changing the under ocean landscapes. The underwater accidents of submarines due to collision with unknown underwater ridges and mountains have increased steadily over the last five years. The Navy of many countries have reported this accidents regularly.

According to some engineers there are ways of interpolating and extrapolating the motions of these crafts through complex algorithmic models. The scientists slowly understand the technologies though most of it is completely classified.

Sonia Joshi

Subtle Energy explains our energetic anatomy - the vital force that makes us alive ?the essence of our soul

Sep. 27, 2005

Scientists are slowly realizing a far reaching truth of nature - we are beings of energy, moved by the energy of others, our environment and the cosmos. The energy of our soul in scientific community is known as Subtle Energy (SE). SE is a physical manifestation of Zero Point Energy Modules.

Why do you feel instantly attracted to some people yet repelled by others? The answer lies in the interactions between two sets of SE.

According to T.M. Srinivasan, Ph.D. , the term Subtle Energy (SE) is of recent origin. SE could mean a physical energy, such as electromagnetic or acoustic, that is of such low intensity we have no means of measuring it presently. The sensors we have designed in the laboratories are not sensitive enough to directly discern these fields. In this definition of SE, we are dealing with a physical field which is of very low magnitude.

Several scientists in the United States (Tiller, Bearden, Rein, Putoff, Green, and Srinivasan) have studied SE and its effects. Though each has developed his own nuanced theory of SE, in general they all tend to concur that SE phenomena is related to a type of unified energy, and is not just a physical field of very low magnitude.

Contemporary quantum physics has mathematically described and predicted the presence of a unified energy which underlies conventional transverse electromagnetic (EM) vectors. The concept of a subtle energy underlying EM fields was first introduced by Bohm and Aharonov in describing quantum potentials as an implicate order "embedded in" our normal 3-D space. It has recently been proposed that an additional implicate order is embedded within the quantum potentials.

Subtle Energy fields might be a fundamental manifestation of energy that underlies classical energy systems. We need to invoke current theories in physics to postulate possible scenario for SE production. It is known that what we thought of as vacuum or empty space is not really so. Quantum theory predicts this vacuum is really a container of enormous amounts of energy. Particles seem to appear and disappear out of this vacuum. Such processes are presently called Zero Point Fluctuations (ZPF), providing an infinite energetic background for the physical world.

The manifestation of elementary particles from this vacuum and their disappearance proceeds continuously and is postulated as the basis for the formation of the universe as we know it. At the level of ZPF, Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is converted into matter and matter falls back into this ocean of ZPE. If we can ''mine'' even a small part of this vast energy, we can theoretically supply the energy requirement of the world for a fraction of the cost of conventional energy sources. Renowned scientists, several of whom seem close to extracting this energy, are making attempts at this.

Now, one might ask, how is this ZPE connected with SE? It is likely that as particles are formed from vacuum (which as we said, is a concept emerging from quantum physics) there are associated radiations. As particles emerge and disappear, these radiations also appear and disappear. It is similar to when ripples are formed as stones are thrown into still water. As each stone disappears in water, it produces waves at the surface of water. Though there is no mathematical proof for production of SE through this method, it is likely such a mechanism exists in the vacuum state. Quantum mechanics postulates elementary particles do have specific energy states, which have certain finger print radiation patterns. Hence the above model for subtle energy radiation's is well within the possibilities of theories in modern physics. While the production and radiation of SE fields could possibly be within the realm of physics, the design and use of SE field devices most likely require novel engineering constructs. It is likely these SE fields can be focused and down-converted through special energy-information transduction techniques which couple the multi-dimensional SE fields to three-dimensional force fields.

It is likely, then, if SE fields are focused, they can be brought out from the Zero Point Energy itself. As SE fields emerge out of ZPE, they may be beyond physicality (and hence not possible to measure); however, after transduction, they seem to manifest as quasi-physical energies. Or they directly influence the behavior of classical field phenomena. After such a change in energy format, SE fields become ''useful'' and take part in energy interactions with physical fields such as electromagnetic and acoustic.

Sonia Joshi

Avian Flu takes a new turn ?weak electromagnetic state of the earth makes confused migrating birds spread it in Northern hemisphere ?a slight genetic alteration can be catastrophic

Sep. 27, 2005

The bird flu is become more dangerous every day. Now there are indications that weak electromagnetic state of the earth is making confused migrating birds spread it in Northern hemisphere. Scientists now predict that a slight genetic alteration can be catastrophic for our civilization. The altered version of the flu could be carried from human to human.

A strange thing is happening in Toronto. Birds and animals are being found dead in very large numbers. Initial assumptions are that these birds and animals were poisoned but the authorities are waiting for medial confirmation.

The polar reversal of the sun and the earth is changing the electromagnetic properties of the earth. The migrating birds that use earth抯 electromagnetic fields for navigation are getting confused and this will just intensify more and more as we approach 2012. If the migrating birds move to wrong spots and get confused about where they are going, they will spread the Avian Flu all over the world rapidly.

Bird flu, or avian influenza, is a Type A influenza virus that affects mostly birds and occasionally pigs. The virus can pass from bird to bird when it is inhaled and from contact with infected droppings. Contaminated equipment, infectious particles carried on the feet and bodies of animals, and migratory waterfowl can spread the disease. Since December 2003, a highly pathogenic strain has devastated dozens of Asian domestic poultry stocks, and several human infections have been reported.

According to the Center for Disease Control, which offers a basic fact sheet on the virus, bird flu is especially pernicious to humans because we lack the necessary immune protections against the disease.

All influenza viruses are dangerous because they are prone to change; the Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968 killed 34,000 people in the United States. The World Health Organization notes that no human-to-human transmissions have been reported.

There's much warranted concern about the latest outbreak -- it has spread rapidly and is highly pathogenic.

The Avian Flu is spreading very fast through confused migrating birds and is about to hit an epidemic all over the world simultaneously.

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