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January 23, 2005



You might like to read this Neocon Ideology Op-ed (http://www.brentrasmussen.com/). BTW, MUST have more Dark Energy articles! Any speculations, WIMP interactions with DE, etc.

Adam Amara

I couldn't get the link to the Op-ed to work, but I have to admit that I disagree a little with the last comment. A few carefully placed opinions and links about Dark Energy are good, but personally I get a lot more pleasure from reading Jochen's rants on world politics. What I'd like to see is the "Jochen Weller's list of ten things that will make the world a better place".

Tommaso Dorigo

Hi Jochen,
I have to agree with most of what you said, but the good news is that americans are starting to see things a bit differently now (see my post about that today).
Better late than never ?



I accidentally included the parathensis in the link. Usually however you can click on the respondants signature, in my case ~DS~, and get the Blog.

david shue

You seem to be out of touch about the global scourage of Islamofascism, and the dark ambition of Islamofascists bankrolled by the Wahabi petro dollars.

Ask the native minorities in Sudan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Thailand, Kosovo etc. This is not the time for 'analysis paralysis'- there is clarity in Bush's simplicty. We need to drain the swamps of terror by spreading freedom. There certainly are, and have been contradictions in such US policy for decades.

Given the feckless "nuanced" EU dealings, Europe will soon be turned into a medevial Eurabia simmilar to the places I mentioned above. But I am sure that is okay with what are referred to as "meek pacifist ostriches".

Jochen Weller

For David

Well spreading freedom can also be a form of terror I would say. I can't believe you deep down say it is worth that my children and the children in Iraq die for what is happening down there right now. Man, kids are dying there it is not a game. The statement I made was in part that I don't think there is anything which justifies the killing of children. I personally rather live in mediaval Eurabia but I think before that happens you will have the inquisition ruling the US.


Thanks DS I managed to follow the link.

Is the posting by David a joke or are the comments for real? I don't know whether to laugh or be offended. 'drain the swamps' I mean come on lets get serious. What kind of language is that? I can see the allure of the “fire and brimstone” approach, but I mean come on, do people want to have a serious conversation or not?

I’m not sure I fully understand how using excessive force in an some what random and uncontrolled fashion, which results in the death of countless innocent lives, can possibility persuade people to not go into that swap of yours.

And what on Earth is Eurabia!?!? and why is it medieval?

By the way, if you are going to write outrageous comments at least run a spell check. Nothing takes away thunder quite like a typo.


Stephen Hauskins

It seems David Shue forgot something.

The US and Europe along with corrupt Mideast Kingdom(s) made this problem in the first place.

Just listen to Bin Laden... he is telling you why.

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