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February 10, 2005



Hi Jochen, I could indeed see you in a phone
call a minute ago.
Nice, but not for me... I think I'll go on with
just filling my blog. Too many private conversations
going on in my office!



Hello Jochen,

This is a nice idea, but unfortunatly I can't access the link you did post. My computer tells me that the 'rtsp' you did use in the link (rtsp://marylin.dhcp.fnal.gov/mystream.sdp) is not a registered protocol. Any idea how I could solve this probblem?

Jochen Weller

If you don't have quicktime, download it.
Then in 'File' go to open URL and type in there:


Hey Jochen! What are your working hours? And what time zone does Fermilab have? Just so I know, when I can try.

Jochen Weller

Hi Helge: I am 6 hours before GMT. And my working hours
are usually 9am - 5:30pm at the Lab.
Does this help ?


What is this Jochen? Hours from 09am to 5.30p.m. Is there some sort of time contraction in the working day as well as the time difference between the Zones.

Maybe you have a seven day working week to fill in the black holes in your time-sheets
Or is Big Sister keeping you under her thumb? Go Well. HUGH

Jochen Weller

Hi Hugh

well spotted, the BIG SISTER and Little Brother are
keeping me under the thumb :)


Hi! The webcam is a cool idea, but I'm having trouble watching. Clicking the link in Internet Explorer leads to a "This page cannot be displayed" message, and opening the URL in QuickTime yields the message "11001: Server not found".

Jochen Weller

Hi Aaron

I will only broadcast on Monday !

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