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June 06, 2005


aalu paneer

Some "interesting" questions I have been asked (after having me clarify that i was not a physicist at the lab):

1. what if you accidently create a blackhole?
2. how do you know that particles don't have consciousness or is there a particle for consciousness?
3. when you are searching for new paticles, do you keep option open for unexpected finds ... like metachlorins?


Hey Jochen,

It would be great for us 'non-physicists' if you could post a transcript of the presentation to go along with your transparencies.

Unrelated p.s. Physically speaking, what was probably considered in the operation of extricating the Mars rover, Opportunity, from the small sand dune? How would have the calculations been different had this situation taken place on earth?

Thanks, Fred

m. visaya

i was reviewing your cover story on x-33. if antimatter, especially the neutral kind is contained with "very great difficulty", why not design a ship that run on it - delivery and payload as one? that way, the "only very minute quantities" containment problem becomes expedient. (XBL422)

manuel visaya

is there sign of intelligent life in the direction of M100 (NGC4321)virgo cluster? (NSKA)

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