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August 05, 2005



At some point, Sean Carrol posted about a WMAP inflatable beach ball. Isn't that much cooler than a T-shirt or a sticker?


Jochen Weller

Hi Robert

I find it much cooler, but I can not find it
for purchase anywhere.



Hi Jochen,

I really liked the WMAP merchandise. There's nothing wrong with a little creative marketing. I'm doing my own informal "2005 World Year of Physics North American Particle Accelerator Tour", (visiting Brookhaven next week, Fermilab in September) and I'm thinking of having t-shirts made. It would be nice for us physics groupies to have a better selection of stuff to wear. How about a funky fresh pink Fermilab camisole? How cool would that be? And if buying a Fermilab or Brookhaven RHIC thong keeps you guys in coffee, sign me up.

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